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For further information on our centre operations, visit the Building Futures Montessori web site, one of our owner-operated centres.


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Management plan

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What are the TCM differences?

  1. Our consultants are capped at 5 centres each, with a standard operating number of 4. Why? One day per week is therefore available for each of their centres, plus they have time for training, networking and troubleshooting for their centres.

  2. Our consultants are chosen on the basis of qualifications, experience and passion for the childcare industry. They are trained across the range of skills needed to financially, educationally and inter-personally lead the centres in their care.

  3. Our senior team has the broad expertise available to offer clear advice across the range of disciplines required to successfully operate a childcare business.

  4. Our full management packages represent excellent value for money because they include the fees program for the first year, accreditation and policy software, and all incidental costs –such as postage, telephone and photocopying incurred by TCM in routine running. There will not be “surprise” extra bills.

  5. TCM provides you with the necessary policy and procedures to commence or purchase your service – we assist with each centre’s development of policy, procedure and philosophy tailored to the needs and client preferences of each centre. These policies then remain the centre’s property – not the property of TCM. Should you conclude your contract with us, you will be left with a centre with it’s own documents.

  6. TCM has a number of options for fee structure from hourly to percentage to flat rate. This offers flexibility for owners and the capacity to design a management system which best suits their needs.

  7. TCM’s quality care policy ensures that owners are party to childcare delivery which is regulatory compliant, educationally purposeful and provides a standard of care of which they can be proud.