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For further information on our centre operations, visit the Building Futures Montessori web site, one of our owner-operated centres.


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Services tailored to your needs

The services offered by TCM will have the flexibility to respond to your centre’s individual needs.

Our full management service includes:

  1. Provision of a “Field Consultant” who has primary contact with the centre. Contact time at the centre to be not less than an average 4 hours per week. This role includes responsibility for:
  1. Quality oversight – including accountability in financial aspects, centre programs and routine duties.
  2. Support – for programming, training, Director’s leadership, staffing, promotions/marketing, computer systems, Child Care Benefit issues, and other administrative aspects of Centre operations.
  3. Administration – payroll and accounts.
  4. Reporting each month and additionally as required – to Principal and to TCM in accordance with policy.
  5. Troubleshooting – resolving issues and difficulties which occur during normal centre operations.
  6. Training – On-the-job training whilst present at the centre as well as attendance with training delivery at two staff meetings per year. TCM centres are also invited to attend other TCM training sessions either at cost or free. Traineeships can also be organised.
  7. Relief staff systems.
  1. Provision of additional support personnel when required for particular needs such as computer systems, accreditation, licensing and development. Regular checking of performance of the field consultant.

    New Centres:
  1. Advice and support in the design/development phase. This could vary from full project management in conjunction with the architect to hourly consultancy for opinion and advice.

  2. Staffing, stocking, software and providing “start-up” policies for new services.

  3. Opinion for Due Diligence.

  4. Cash Flow Budget support.

  5. Assistance with Bank Applications.

  6. Any other appropriate need.

Tailored packages

Not after a full management, but need some support?

We will develop a package to suit your specific needs, be it a once-off consultation, administration support, accreditation preparation or any other need.


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